New Fortress LoPro Systems

Check out our strength test for our new Fortress Lo Pro Tipout Windshield! Supported by two strong hydraulic pistons, this windshield is sturdy enough for you to drive in any of its three positions; closed, ventilated, and even completely open.

Fortress LoPro Top

Introducing the new LoPro line of Fortress Products. The LoPro Top is made with steel for a sleek look and ruggedly designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. The value and construction cannot be compared to the plastic alternatives.

Click here to watch our video and see the amazing LoPro Top in action!

Level 1 - Strictly Steel
Made from steel, formed to fit, and priced to sell. The most basic level of the LoPro product line is easy to install and even easier to enjoy.
Level 2 - Insulated Headliner
Built with auto grade insulated headliner for heat protection and reduced sound and vibration. Stay cool and have fun with this LoPro Top.
Level 3 - Lighting
Ultimate in convenience, safety, and style. Includes insulated headliner for heat and vibration control as well as the Fortress Lighting system built in.