Lo Pro Top Level 1 & Level 2

The Fortress Lo Pro Top is the ultimate seamless addition to your side by side to shade you from the sun and protect you from branches and other debris. The Level 2 Fortress Lo Pro Top provides all the seamless integration and protection of the Level 1 top, with the added benefit of automotive-grade insulation to further reduce heat transfer into the cab and reduce unwanted noise pollution. Perfectly conforming to the contour of your unit, the solid steel Lo Pro Top is a necessity for anyone who loves spending time in their side by side.


Metal Top Farm and Ranch

Our classic metal top. The Fortress Farm and Ranch offers supreme protection for the top of your unit, keeping branches out of the way and shading you from the sun. Front and rear drip channels direct water away from the user. This top also works great with under hanging led lights and light bars. Solid steel construction designed specifically to fit your unit.

Fixed Windshield

Made from solid steel and D.O.T. safety glass, the Fortress Fixed Windshield offers absolute strength and protection from outside debris. Like all Fortress products, our windshields are designed with the look of your unit in mind and fit seamlessly into the exterior of your Side X Side.


Sliding Windshield

The Fortress Sliding Windshield offers increased visibility and airflow in a flash without compromising our signature solid steel and D.O.T. safety glass construction. Convenient release latches allow for a seamless transition between fully closed and great ventilation.

Full Doors

Fortress Full Doors are constructed from solid steel and high-quality glass windows. Rubber trim around all edges seals your cab from the elements, and a lockable dual latching handle promises a solid close every time.


Half Doors

Fortress Half Doors are constructed from solid steel. Rubber trim around all edges provides a rattle-free seal and dual latching handles assure a solid close every time.

Roof Rack

The Fortress Roof Rack is the perfect addition to our Signature Fortress Farm and Ranch Top. Solid steel construction guarantees strength and quality while maintaining the look of seamless integration that Fortress Products offer.


Sliding Backsplash

Retain access to the bed of your Side X Side with a Fortress Sliding Backsplash. Manufactured from solid steel and D.O.T. safety glass. With a middle sliding glass panel, this backsplash is the ultimate in protection and convenience.

Polycarbonite Backsplash

Enhance your Side X Side with our solid steel and polycarbonate backsplash. The Fortress Polycarbonate Backsplash provides protection from the backdraft of dust, debris, and rain.